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Outsourcing services for Administration

Administration services form the integrity of the organization, which requires lot of patience, time management skills, commitment to the mission and should lead from the front and grow the talent of people working around. AEBC provides you with the employees who have specialised and developed these skillsets over years.

Why choose Us?


AEBC values business and customer relationships and how we strengthen the relationship is through customer service. We have plenty of candidates with relevant experience, who can hit the ground running. They have experience in all areas of voice, text chat and email support.

Why choose Us?

Student Management Service

Education sector is not showing any signs of slowing down that creates ample opportunities of growth. With growth, there are several challenges associated, and to manage those specialised set of employees are required which results towards a huge pile of money. To save cost of it and be more effective outsourcing is a better alternative. AEBC provides you with employees having experience in management.

Why choose Us?


For bookkeepers, time is the essential factor, and it can be compared to the financial growth. As the demand increases it becomes difficult to cope up with the clients and employees get too much occupied with the books. With the help of outsourcing, they can have spare time to increase their client base. Also, you can outsource the financial transactions where our company records the detailed financial reports.

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Businesses need employees who can implement the idea in reality and flourish them while the executives are occupied with a lot, they need back hand staff to support them. Backoffice staff can be used any sector like finance, accounting, payroll, human resource, workforce management, marketing, personal assistant.

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All our accountants are university graduate and holds experience in their respective fields. They specialise in accounts receivable and accounts payable, customer billing, analysis of financial reports, reviewing and processing of expenses, maintaining accounts records as a well as customer and vendor records, assisting end of month processes.

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Payroll Processor

Businesses run well when their employees are happy, and their employees are happy when their pay are smooth and efficient. For this effective running, transfer your burden to us we will collect the time data and payroll information for companies. We will review, analyse and update payroll forms and reports for accuracy and make necessary adjustments to resolve payroll discrepancies. Also, we will process payroll distribution, direct deposit transfers.

Why choose Us?

Personal Assistant

Personal assistant can help you organise your schedule and takes off the extra burden by taking care of everything from emails to events. They relieve you from time-consuming tasks, so that you can focus on most valuable and profitable task. Apart from the basic personal assisting tasks our candidates also specialise in creating reports, developing and organising companies’ databases, creating office memos or company documents, handling projects and research activities.

Why choose Us?


We have a team of experienced telemarketer who nailed the process of engaging the customer in sales conversation; with some basic training about your company, they can hit the ground running. Our team has exceptionally fluent English skills (as they qualify our screening process) and they get a lot of speaking practice every day.

Customer Service Representative

Our team consists of highly skilled candidates who has impeccable communication skills. The candidate pool of customer service representatives (CSRs) has been exposed to a wide variety of businesses including:

• Telecommunications
• Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Investments)
• Healthcare
• E-commerce and Online Retail
• Retail
• Travel & Hospitality
• Food Industry
• Construction & Engineering
• Education
• Professional Services

With specific training, our customer service representative can fit in any condition and resolve most, if not all, of your customer’s needs in one call. Our representatives are trained for chat and emails that are the channels that people prefer these days.